Isuzu Diesel Engines

Isuzu diesel engines can be found in a variety of applications. Both large and small trucks and cars use them as well as boats, generators, forklifts, bobcats and a host of other industrial applications.

They can run on both diesel and biodesel fuel, or a mixture of both. Some diesel car owners modify them to run on SVO, or straight vegetable oil, which works fine. If the fuel tank runs empty and a store is unavailable, the operator may have a problem, because this modification will not allow the engine to use diesel or biodesel again. The best thing of all about a diesel engine is that if you run out of fuel and are nowhere near a filling station, you can indeed pour straight vegetable oil into the tank and get yourself back on the road. Filling up with regular diesel on top of it will not harm the engine.

Parts for these engines are widely available at auto parts stores and online. Ebay and Craigslist may have used parts for sale, but remember these come without a warranty and may be faulty. They could be sold "cheap" for a reason.

The engines may be turbo- charged for more power. This is commonly found on larger trucks, and those used to routinely carry or pull heavy weight.

The marine engines may be heat exchanger or keel cooled. This allows the Isuzu diesel engines to be utilized on a wide range of marine configurations. Marine transmissions are available for selected models.

Replace the engine in your Isuzu truck or any truck with a highly respected engine. Match with an Isuzu transmission, and your vehicle will last for many more years to come.

Each engine comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, generally two to five or more years and from 2,000 to 5,000 or more hours of operation.

Maintaining a diesel engine is very easy. Since it does not have spark plugs like a gasoline engine, a "full tune up" is not needed. Regular oil changes are a must. If driving on particularly dusty areas, change the oil more frequently. Allow the engine to warm up completely before driving. This allows all fluids to come up to operating temperature, and reduces wear and tear on the internal engine parts.