Isuzu in Australia

If you drive an Isuzu, Australia is the perfect place to go exploring. Isuzu cars and trucks were first introduced to the Australian market between the years 1972 and 1980. Since then, Isuzu trucks have become more and more popular throughout the country and worldwide. Isuzu has been a leader in Australia’s truck market for over 20 years now! Many individuals and businesses alike are loyal to the Isuzu brand of truck.

There are a few considerations to be made when driving in Australia. For example, about 1% of the population live in the Northern territory, so there are huge areas with little people and very few roads. The majority of people live throughout the 8 capital cities in the southeast. Unlike in the United States, Australia does not have a complete expressway system. There are a few expressway routes between Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra, but mainly, drivers will encounter two lane roads throughout most cities. Outside of the cities, driving can be a bit more challenging, as roads are less maintained (many of them are not sealed) in remote areas. Those driving through the Outback have to strategically plan their route, as they can travel hundreds of kilometres without means of getting fuel, food/water, or restrooms. Every trip should literally have every fuel/food stop planned. Running out of gas can be very dangerous.

Driving in Australia provides an excellent opportunity to see the breathtaking scenery and nature, whether you buy a car or look at car rental options.  It means you can check out some sights that can only be accessible by vehicle. Be sure to obey all driving laws and make sure to be prepared by taking out adequate insurance (Top Tip – use Buzz Melbourne if you live in Victoria)! There are severe fines for speeding and, depending on your location, you must also watch out for wildlife. Happy sight seeing!